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Projectmates Project Management Software for Construction

About SOS-Retail Services

Store Opening Solutions provides national retailers with scalable, individually tailored solutions for new store openings, remodels, resets, and rollouts. On many occasions, the company acts as an extension of their customers’ construction or project implementation departments and is wholly committed to meeting each of their unique standards of quality and excellence.

Whether the requirements include ground up/design build construction, tenant build outs, or the installation of fixtures and graphics, SOS prides itself in being able to get the job done on time and on budget. To guarantee the punctuality and cost efficiency that it is renowned for, the company leverages Projectmates Construction Program Management software to consolidate all project data. SOS users are able to effortlessly share documents, track costs, automate approval processes, and effectively standardize its processes from beginning to end. Projectmates’ wealth of functionality allows SOS to oversee and automate the entire construction process, which in turn greatly cuts down on costs and delays.

With an unparalleled track record of successful projects spanning over 10 years, SOS utilizes Projectmates software to remain an industry leader in construction management.

About Projectmates Construction Program Management Software

Projectmates is the most industry leading online project management software available today. Projectmates integrates multiple online project management tools to create a collaborative project management solution — meaning each member of the team can view the project status and input their own information to keep data up dated in real time. Projectmates web-based construction management software collects all project information in one centralized location, accessible securely to all team members and based on their role in the project. Leveraging Projectmates for construction management allows an organization to centralize all construction communication and project information.

Projectmates' Construction Management Software includes powerful Construction Reporting software. Projectmates Portfolio enterprise project reporting includes a construction project management dashboard which enables the executives to track the project progress, budgets, and changes in real time.

Projectmates web based project management software includes several features key to Construction Accounting software, including bid management software, billing software, and invoicing software. A key element in project management software is comprehensive web-based Construction Document Management software. Projectmates allows the sharing of any type of documents, and includes a built-in document viewer to allow users to open documents directly in the Projectmates online project management website.

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